Logo of chipotle mexican grill, featuring a white illustration of a chili pepper inside a circle on a red background, with the restaurant’s name in white around the pepper.
  • SUNDAY 10:30am - 10pm
  • MONDAY 10:30am - 10pm
  • TUESDAY 10:30am - 10pm
  • WEDNESDAY 10:30am - 10pm
  • THURSDAY 10:30am - 10pm
  • FRIDAY 10:30am - 10pm
  • SATURDAY 10:30am - 10pm
About Chipotle

Our local River Walk Bakersfield Chipotle Mexican Grill is cultivating a better world by serving responsibly sourced, classically-cooked, real food with wholesome ingredients without added colors, flavors or other additives. We offer fresh, real ingredients and specialize in custom burrito bowls, burritos, tacos and salads. Cater for your next large event or order online and enjoy a meal without the wait!

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